About Us

Raftex Ltd. is a multi-category apparel vendor providing design-to-delivery solutions to the fashion industry. Raftex Ltd. is equipped with its own state-of-the-art R&D lab, sample development facility, design team, and on-site inspection agents. Something that positions it to assist customers in achieving speed to market while maintaining its track record of providing services of superior quality. Its merchandising team, product development team, R&D team, and design team continuously work together to make the selection and production of trendy products easy and cost-effective for our valued clients.
Additionally, our solid relationships with manufacturers and suppliers allow us to maintain high production standards through our team of on-site inspection agents who ensure that both the quality standards and supplier’s code of conduct are being met continuously and simultaneously on the production floor. Because of our highly competitive product prices and vertically integrated supply chain management infrastructure, we can operate with short lead times, low margins, and flexible volumes. Furthermore, besides performing regular audits, we ensure ethical sourcing and transparency throughout the supply chain by conducting both notified and unannounced inspections and ensuring that all suppliers throughout the supply chain follow and comply with all of the client’s conventions.
Lastly, Our wide expertise in Knit Garments, Knitwear, Woven Garments, Sportswear, and Denim Garments enables us to provide more flexible and compatible solutions to our clients.